Lindsay Haisley
Lindsay Haisley. Photo by Jim Dirden
Photo by Jim Dirden

Perhaps the most memorable part of Lindsay Haisley's performances is his joyous and infectious energy on stage, which never fails to engage his audiences. A seasoned performer, he has been playing for folks in Texas and around the world since 1974 and is known as one of the world's most unique autoharpers. Known primarily for his playing of the chromatic autoharp, he developed and published the popular Chromatic Standard chord layout for the instrument. His music has taken him to many stages in many countries, including the Kerrville Folk Festival, the Walnut Valley Festival and the Illawarra Folk Festival in NSW, Australia.

Lindsay's style is an exciting mixture of jazz and ragtime improvisation with solid folk influences from the popular folk tradition of the '60s and '70s. His presentation on stage features a mix of his own compositions, new interpretations of familiar standards, along with musical gems learned from the many talented writers and musical friends he has met over his years in music.

Lindsay's musical passion is playing with others, on autoharp and on the several other instruments on which he's proficient, and he has accompanied a number of well-known artists in performance, including David Amram and Peter Yarrow.

Lindsay is often accompanied on vocals by his life partner, Cheryl Dehut, whose solid harmonies and tight vocal arrangements have become a signature part of his shows.

For his innovation on the chromatic autoharp, and for his support of the larger community of autoharp players and enthusiasts, Lindsay was inducted into the Autoharp Hall of Fame in 2004.

Lindsay is an experienced autoharp instructor and has a repertoire of well developed and well received hands-on workshops on the instrument. These are well suited for festivals, autoharp clubs and other venues where instrumental workshops are a part of the program.

To contact Lindsay Haisley:
Phone: (512) 496-7118
Post: Lindsay Haisley
PO Box 126
Leander, TX 78646
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